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Our Sash Window ranges

Explore our sash window ranges

Designing and supplying you the very best wooden sash windows for all types of properties and projects. 

Our wooden sash windows are perfectly balanced, so they slide effortlessly with one hand. Offering a range of decorative horns, glass options, glazing bars and beading, you will be over the moon with our beautiful sash windows.
Our superb timber sash window collection consists of 3 ranges: The Classic, Classic Plus and Deluxe. 

Our Classic sash window has visible spiral balances, Classic Plus has hidden spiral balances and the Deluxe incorporates the traditional cords and weights system.

Classic Sash Window Spiral Balance

Spiral balanced sash operation, often specified by developers / builders where the build costs need to be within budget. Suitable for flush reveals.

Classic Plus Sash Window Hidden Spiral Balance

The more aesthetic choice whereby the spiral’s are hidden within the sash and frame and suitable for flush reveals.

Deluxe Sash Window Traditional Cords and Weights

The more traditional choice which incorporates the use of cords & weights, that has stood the test of time. Ideal for recessed reveal.

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